Report COVID-19 Incident at KMUTT

Report COVID-19 Incident at KMUTT at

  1. When suspecting that there is an anticipating COVID-19 infected person or you are infected with COVID-19.
  2. When witnessing the incident leading to the spread of the COVID-19 at KMUTT, i.e.,
  • Mass participation activity or event conducted in a small area.
  • Not sufficient soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel provided at the event venue.
  • Shopkeepers do not wear face masks while preparing food or do not wash their hands.
  • Students and staff do not wear face masks.
  • Your personal information as well as that of the anticipating COVID-19 infected person will be kept confidential and without reference to one another.

Keep yourself updated with the COVID-19 situation and help report anticipating COVID-19 incident at KMUTT via

for the safety and the proper implementation of surveillance measures to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19 at KMUTT.