How to use PINCODE for your unlimited Mobile Data Package Only TRUE network

PINCODE details

* Keeping your PINCODE information safe and confidential
* PINCODE will be expired if not activated within the period. Its expiry date is May 15, 2021.
* Once you have activated PINCODE, you can begin using unlimited internet at 4 Mbps speed package for 90 days. The day that you activate will count as the first day.
* True users can call 1242 for service from True Move H Universal Communication Co., Ltd. if you encounter any problem.
* USSD is a free interactive short message for mobile users to activate the PIN.
True SIM
• Enter the PINCODE on your phone using TRUE number to start internet package.
Press *744*33*PINCODE 10 digits # to automate USSD to activate PINCODE.